Brief description of the process.
Brief description of the corrosion and metallurgical degradation mechanisms
Basis of materials selection specific for the unit.
Explanation of material selection for piping, equipment and other corrosion control approaches to resist the degradation mechanisms.
Minimum Acceptable Corrosion Risk Rating applicable to the plant. Equipment list, criticality ratings, selected materials, corrosion allowance and proposed method of corrosion / fouling monitoring.
List of critical components / locations and the corresponding proposed method of corrosion control, viz., selected material, use of internal lining, use of inhibitors, cathodic protection, painting, etc..
A list of all applicable lessons learned and how they were addressed.
Consideration on special material use, material for instrumentation and precautionary measures, ea.

Review data received against material selection study requirements, identify any data gaps and request missing data.
The baseline materials to be evaluated in the study will be obtained
Where appropriate, corrosion modelling will be performed

The corrosion modelling results will be used to determine if carbon steel selection is acceptable and the size of the corrosion allowances and the requirements for corrosion inhibitor injection to be used if carbon steel is selected.

Whereerver carbon steel is found not to be acceptable the minimum acceptable grade of
corrosion resistant alloy will be selected
The use of non-metallic materials such as GRE will also be reviewed and recommend where
Corrosion mitigation requirements such as internal and external coatings, cathodic
protection and chemical injection will be identified and commented upon.
Corrosion monitoring requirements in terms of locations and probe types will be identified
and reviewed.
The conclusions of the study will be presented in a standalone report including tabulated
recommendations of materials for each H&MB stream and each equipment item within the
scope of the project.


Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.


Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.