Concept, FEED and Detailed Engineering

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Concept Stage:Help our clients select the economic, efficient and safe asset to maximise field output

Design Stage: Preliminary, FEED and detailed design to meet the safety budget, programme and operational imperatives

Appraise: Preliminary scope definition, evaluate options, obtain Operations

Select: Conceptual design
(Process and control philosophies, P&ID’s, GA’s, ENVID, HAZID, BoD,
Equipment list, etc.), stakeholder engagement and investment decision support

Define: Detailed multi-discipline engineering and design assurance, design deliverables to issued for purchase and approved for construction status


Execute: Work preparation and planning, issue of construction workpacks, inspection, test and certification / completions
workpacks, as-building and closeout activities


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We offer multi-disciplinary engineering services.

Our multi-disciplinary services normally include General project management, Process, Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, I&C, Safety, Civil, Architecture, Process Safety and HVAC
We don’t just imagine; we have the power to transform potential into reality

Working with our clients and partners, we believe that the scale of what we can accomplish together is greater than anyone can imagine. This is our time to make a difference

We have the experience and technical to effectively and efficiently progress from FEED to construction.

Our plant design experience allows for rapid and reliable FEED verification, providing a strong basis for the management of change and the control of technical and delivery risks.

We use our practical construction and operations experience to inform our design, as we develop the engineering detail and deliverables for design approval and design freeze. Our deep technical expertise allows us to offer specialist consultancy and design assurance services to complement our core engineering delivery capability.

We provide deliverables up to and including issued for purchase and approved for construction status, as-built drawings and support the implementation of our designs through construction work packs when required.

Safe and efficient recovery from existing fields and exploiting new fields in difficult environments and uncertain market conditions present the oil and gas industry with many technical and economic challenges

Hafsa Arshad – Business Development Manager

We have the breadth and depth of expertise, the intellect and the drive to overcome these challenges and help our clients to realise the full potential of their fields and assets

At the front end of our projects, we apply our practical design and operational experience to define, evaluate and screen a wide range of development concepts. Following concept selection, we can develop and refine the full spectrum of production facility types through FEED. 

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In all that we do, excellence is our benchmark.

Process selection is a key feature of project development, as all aspects of the facilities design stem from the selected process. We bring an understanding of the risks and uncertainties associated with each of these areas to the front-end engineering process and the processes for managing these. Our front-end teams bring a depth of experience and understanding in working within these integrated teams to deliver solutions that maximize the value of our clients’ assets.

Our core values are application of innovative management techniques, the use of cutting-edge materials, the deployment of technology in novel ways and the highest level of client care

Project Management Consultancy

Asset Management

HSE Studies


Secondment of Staff

Advisory Services

We work across the full project lifecycle delivering conceptual and feasibility studies, front end engineering design (FEED) and detailed design services

We have experience of delivering a vast variety of multidiscipline designs, ranging from complex greenfield and brownfield developments, to pioneering solutions that enable the economic and efficient development of marginal fields, to technically challenging subsea facility designs and to cost estimation.

From pre-concept studies to commissioning assistance, we are here to help you

We work with clients to deliver added value at the design stage of projects, limiting the degree of variation across the asset life and assuring operational efficiency.

Our advanced modelling and analysis tools provide our clients with the highest levels of accuracy and confidence in our design and engineering deliverables.
This certainty and accountability combined with the integrity of our experts means better judgment of priorities, confident decisions and
optimization of spend.

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Our teams are made up of experts with deep knowledge of offshore structures, process and safety engineering

We ensure that

  • Safe and cost-effective constructability and operability is inherent in concept selection, FEED and detailed design
  • New assets are future proofed for economic field development at a later stage
  • Transfer from design, through operations, life extension and decommissioning is seamless
  • Lessons learned on asset integrity management are fed back into design to optimize capital spend and reduce operational expenditure

We’re committed to helping our clients to reduce costs, maximise production,
minimise downtime and improve safety and environmental performance

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Our specialists combine
their intellect, imagination and drive to deliver the very best.

Hafsa Arshad

Business Development  Manager

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