Power and Renewable Energy

We apply our in depth knowledge of power generation and distribution to provide assurance that new low carbon technologies are economically sustainable at scale for governments and operators

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We’re active in both asset management and new build capital projects

We have the technical and delivery skills to solve our clients’ hardest engineering challenges

We provide consultancy advice and design services to ensure that our clients can operate their existing assets safely and efficiently. We want to be the consultant of choice for our clients. This means providing technically excellent solutions to time and budget. It means being innovative and responsive and it means understanding our clients’ businesses and helping them to succeed

Hafsa Arshad

Manager – Business Development

Leaning into new energy challenges such as offshore generation and transmission, energy from waste, electric vehicle infrastructure and the integration of smart grid technology, we’re helping to drive evolution in the renewables sector.

  1. Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  2. Financial modelling
  3. Conceptual design
  4. Planning and environmental consents
  5. Bankability assessments
  6. Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  7. Detailed electrical, mechanical and civil design
  8. Providing technical and project management expertise
  9. Advisory to lenders on power projects
  10. Process flow sheeting and design
  11. Control system definition and specification
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Throughout our operating sectors we have asset management teams delivering strategic services to ensure the longevity and efficiency of our partners’ assets. The flow of knowledge throughout our business fosters a culture of holistic best practice, where fundamental asset concerns are managed within the framework of a thorough strategy. We place the asset lifecycle at the very core of low-cost efficient design principles and maintain a transparent collaborative approach to delivering a managed service at all stages of the lifecycle, right through to decommissioning.

We have the expertise, the intellect and the drive that can push boundaries to improve lives, to protect our planet and to ensure prosperity through secure and affordable energy.

Offshore wind


Biomass and waste to energy

Enterprise Service Management

Tidal energy


Driving safer, cleaner and smarter energy worldwide

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We are embracing the development of innovative and sustainable techniques to generate useful energy.

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    Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.


    Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.